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Areas of Competences


Sourcing advisor

When demand for a new or change of an existing Enterprise Information Management solution dwells up in your organization, IseoLabs helps you to:

  • Understand your current situation
  • Define, refine, shape and assess your real needs
  • Gain a market insight of possible solutions and vendors
  • Create, manage and evaluate a Bid Request or a formal Request for Proposal  


application lifecycle support

If you roll out an application into your organization and people really start using it, more requests to extend the provided functionality will come up. This can also mean further integrations in other systems. 

Whatever it will be: make sure you manage these change requests and include approved changes in a Release plan. 

When an ECM application needs to be phased out for whatever reasons, a final project will always need to be planned: the migration and/or historization of the content. What do you need to store longer for compliance reasons and what do you need to migrate into the next ECM application for further business use.  

Our consultants have managed a variety of ECM migration projects for example from Documentum to OpenText Content Server or OpenText Content Server to SharePoint or SAP Archive migrations. 

Please refer to the project site for further details and contact us regarding our approach for your special migration project. 

ECM EIM Strategy

If you want to know, where to go, you have to understand, where you start. Try to analyze how your current ECM strategy is backed up by your current IT Strategy. Who are the key strategic IT Suppliers? Conduct a thorough analysis of your existing ECM infrastructure, ECM applications and the supported processes.  After an analysis of your existing ECM architecture including your current IT strategy and strategic IT suppliers you need to understand the key ECM challenges and requirements of your company. Define a basic ECM target architecture and design the solution architecture and how to get there. With that master plan you can set up the ECM roadmap including benefits, risks and KPIs for your company. Learn more                                                                                           

Rollout and organizational readiness

The size and complexity of both your projects and your organization determine the change management components you should include in your approach. In general the following change management aspects should be covered: 

  • Communication
  • Sponsorship
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Readiness
  • Training

 At the end of the day it is all about managing the most important part of your projects: people.   We have managed changes during multiple IT projects and found that we ultimately need to prepare the organization for the upcoming change.  

  • Inform and train people
  • Take care of the quality (test, test, test) 
  • Manage the deployment

Solution Design

Your users demand a new or updated ECM solution? Try to understand the real requirements behind the headline. What are the key requirements and which are nice-to-have? Maybe it is easier to specify the user requirements in use cases? That way you will be able to map a solution design to the requirements and conduct the user acceptance tests later - without mixing requirements and solution flow. The necessary solution architecture will be influenced by your current IT and ECM architecture - it shall be a long-term fit. The ECM solution concept describes the general approach of a new solution and the necessary implementation and the rollout plan. The assessment of the involved cost and the resulting benefits empowers you to present your recommendation how proceed to your board or steering committee.

program management

Successful projects do not just happen. To stay in time and budget while meeting the objectives means to understand the initial purpose, overall set up and the technology used. Involving and managing the different stakeholders including external resources demands standing, planning and communication skills with a clear view on budget and business requirements. When it comes to GoLive concepts for operation need to be in place and the users need to be well prepared.

Take a look at our project site to learn what we have achieved for our clients so far.