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If you want to know, where to go, you have to understand, where you start. Try to analyze how your current ECM strategy is backed up by your current IT Strategy. Who are the key strategic IT Suppliers? Conduct a thorough analysis of your existing ECM infrastructure, ECM applications and the supported processes.

Understand your existing ECM architecture: your current business and your internal and external governance run on business process applications which generate or are triggered by digital content requiring access control and long-term, secure storage.

Do you have an understanding of the challenges and requirements of your business, legal and IT stakeholders?


Now that you have gathered that basic information: consolidate and prioritize the requirements, define the scope of your next steps and set the objectives. Start defining your basic ECM architecture while considering alternatives and consequences.

Master Plan

But how to get there? As always: you need a plan - a master plan. Based on the selected and prioritized objectives list the necessary implementations and set up measures. To integrate your planned implementations into your ECM target architecture design an ECM solution architecture.

Most probably you will end up with a list of implementation projects to be done. Prioritize the projects, choose the Software vendors and implementation companies matching your overall IT strategy and plan the next phases and milestones.

You may want to step back once more and make sure all of your current ECM projects are aligned.

With that, your ECM Roadmap is almost ready. Create a high-level project plan, describe the resulting benefits, define the relevant risks and set KPIs - done!

If that did not sound like a home run to you in the first place - never mind: IseoLabs has a wealth of experience to support you.