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The end of paper-based document binders is near

Today everybody is talking about digitization and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) amongst other new approaches. And still: the number of paper-based archives, organized in binders (file folders) is enormous. Even if these documents are retained only for the sake of audits, the cost of handling paper archives is a pain – not to speak of the risk involved.

What if you could place a box full of file folders in front of a robot and all the cumbersome manual work to open the binder, to extract the documents, to remove paper clips and to position the pages on a scanner could be done by a robot?

Well, there already is a US based company offering such a service! The service costs start from 0.004 USD cents per digitized page, so this would mean a file folder containing 500 pages would cost 2 USD. The company claims to digitize 1.000 file folders within a week.

The company Ripcord ( offers this service starting from 100 file folders. Ripcord not only provides the scanning and shredding but also a Cloud platform (Ripcord canopy), fast search, indexing, auto classification, integration and mobile access.

Using Ripcord canopy (available as cloud and software solution) companies can edit the scanned documents and extracted data and integrate the documents into their own Digital Archive. Ripcord already has already successfully processed more than 2 billion documents from Fortune-100 companies and global institutions.

Fascinating about Ripcord is not only the solution but also the management: founded and run by different innovative known personalities like the co-founders of Apple and Oracle, Steve Wozniak and Bruce Scott, amongst others.